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Promote your business with the best hoarding designers in India. Ideal Designs team promises stylish and attention seeking hoarding. It is the top leading designing company in India. Advertisement through hoarding is a stupendous idea to compel attention of drivers and pedestrians with an evergreen content.

Ideal Designs have the perfect and skilful team to design a campaign which you can broadcast to a wide range of audience. We create to capture attention. The team at Ideal Designs uses their innovative and inventive ideas to create the best hoarding. They use the basic awareness steps to make this as the most powerful branding impact.

Hoarding has always been the strongest method of advertising. They are one of the best OOH (out of home) marketing structures especially designed for suitable market place. Our designers are keen on making the most sparkling designs with the best catchy taglines. Ideal Designs create arresting images with high resolution. Our six words taglines will surely grab attention and create memorable impressions.

Hoarding we create makes a unique impact on viewers. There are various kinds of hoardings and they are as follows : –

Bulletin Boards

These are also called classic hoardings which are especially created for busy highways and secondary roads. With a rich design, it aims to capture attention of pedestrians and motorists alike. It is the most cost effective method to reach wide range of audience. To capture attention a bold and elegant style is used.

Vinyl hoarding

These are most colourful one of all the hoarding. The rich and vibrant colours are chosen to attract vast no. of people. The colours have a protective layer against UV so that fading doesn’t occur. They are mounted at a chosen location to be viewed by passing traffic. This is created for a long term advertisement of any business.

Mobile hoarding

The target audience is for demographic residential. They are the most effective way to get a passer’s attention. It is created to directly target people. They are placed near railway stations, airports and also, conventional centres. They are also used to advertise on a customised trucks, buses and even cars.

3D hoarding

These are illusion creating advertisements and are most creative. They use rich graphic content to pop up a display. It is an advanced next generation technique. It is created for an impressive outcome. The designers use 3-D space algorithms. The right algorithm leads to a definite 3-D image. To get the best image possible high experience is needed in designing.

Digital hoarding

It comprises of various running texts and images. They are created with great time and patience to get the best visual result. Some of hoardings have an audio display. The visual display is created with algorithms. They are installed at the centre of any commercial business districts. This is the best way to give high exposure about your business.


“Design can make your branding powerful”

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